Magic Staves Spell Book – Free PDF – By Phil Williams

Magic Staves Spells, Rituals, & Ceremonies


Magic Staves Spell Book – Free PDF – By Phil Williams

Magic Staves Spells, Rituals, & Ceremonies


Welcome to my new book on Magic Staves! In my quest to learn the magical arts, I’ve been assembling books for my own knowledge seeking. As I create these books, I’m stylizing them to share free with anyone interested in this wisdom.

Inside you’ll find a brief history on Staves, 100 different types of woods used for staves with their magical property, benefits, dangers, how to forge your own stave, and over 400 spells, rituals, and ceremonies based on stave magic from across many cultures and time.


About Magic Staves Magic

Creating this book was a very enlightening process for me. There is very little in the search engines I find useful. Just like in the construction on my book on the Healing Wand Spell Book, I found that the gift of this magical art from the Creator has been buried in a world of fiction.

Though I planned on creating my own personal spell books for the types of wood I’ve collected for my own Wands and Staves very early into creating this book, I decided to push forward to teach others. Everyone looks at Gandolf the Gray like the new Marlin, and wishes they had their own Magic Stave, but few really understand how complex they are. I myself didn’t even realize the deep history from around the world that had to do with these magical tools.

If you’re new to magic, I highly recommend you approach this book with respect. Magic is often times conditional. That means it can come with a price. Sometimes the price is your energy, sometimes you can make a mistake that can open a doorway to attacks from dark entities, angering God’s or Goddesses, or open Pandora’s Box in other ways. Please do your diligent research before you go playing with this book like a toy. I’m not responsible if you learn the hard way, which most real Magicians do in the scientific learning process.


Note From Author

Something I’ve found for years, that is becoming ever more evident as I grow, is the correlation between the God’s and Goddesses. I find it very fascinating that many of the wood types and spells are very similar around the world.

The OG God’s from the East Side and West Side share many similarities. It makes one question if these mighty beings are all Humanized versions of the same Deities. While just a personal theory, I can’t help but find all of these correlations so interesting. Did the God’s and Goddesses teach early man the art of magic? I’ll just leave that question for you to ponder for yourselves.

I enjoyed constructing this book so much, and am very pleased with the results. Even if you don’t attempt any of these spells yourself, I think there is much wisdom to be gained for all interested in the subject of Magic Staves.


Read Or Download It Free Here

Feel free to read the book here on the Website, or you can download the PDF version by clicking the three dots in the bottom left-hand corner of the book reader. Enjoy!


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