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Pine Wand Spells & Rituals From Around The World


Pine Wand Spell Book

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Pine Wand Spells & Rituals

Greetings All! Welcome to my newest book on Pine Wands, which I’ve made free for everyone interested in this fascinating art.

Inside of the book you’ll find 200 spells and rituals all pertaining to Pine Wands. You’ll also find a little bit of information about how to create your own magic wand, along with some other details.

Please make note that these are real spells and rituals from around the world and from many different periods in history. Please use them responsibly.


About Me & The Book

Hi! My name is Phil Williams. If you haven’t come across my Website or Books yet, welcome to my newest contribution.

I am but of traveler of both time and space, that loves to learn and grow. As I grow, I love to share the wealth of knowledge I acquire with others. This is book number 5, which I’ve made free for all, and you can find them all right here on my site.

All of the books I have created are books I wanted to create for myself. As I create them, I create in a style and format that can be easily shared with others.

My first book on magic wands was titled Healing Wand Spell Book. It was a broader range of spells for all types of wands, based around healing magic, as that’s the main focus of my studies.

Since Pine is one of the easiest types of wood to acquire, and I found it to be one of the best types for magic wands, so I thought it was the best place to start.

For a little inspiration, I’ll tell you about my own Pine Wand, which I love oh so much. I crafted it from a limb of a pine tree I see everyday. I left the bark on the handle, and whittled down the rest. I painted it blue. I used a wood burning tool to etch in 9 Runes, which I consecrated with my own blood. I etched Abracadabra on the other side, which means, “I create as I speak.” And to top it off, I added a Herkimer Diamond on the tip, which is really the most powerful type of Quartz.

I hope you have fun creating your own!


Book Instructions

Below you’ll find a handy dandy plug-in where you can read the book right here on the website. Start by clicking on it. If you’d like to download the book for yourself, simply click on the 3 dots in the bottom right hand corner, and click download. The book is copyright free, meant to go strait to the Public Domain, so you can do with it whatever you’d like. Enjoy!

Pine Wand Spell Book

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