Angelometry V.2 “H – P” – By Phil Williams – Free PDF

Getting To Know The Angels


Angelometry V2 “H – P” – By Phil Williams

Getting To Know The Angels


Welcome one and all to Angelometry V2 H – P. This is the second volume on my series all about Angels, which I’ve created free for all of you beautiful people.

While it’s not necessary to read the volumes in order, I’ve alphabetized the angels to make the book easier to navigate. I also created the book in more of an article type style, also to make it easier to navigate.

As I said for the article for volume 1, what is up with the name of this book??? Since there are oddles of books on , most you have to pay for (wink wink), I had to get creative with the title. I am actually quite pleased with the name I came up with, as it helps you do the math for yourself about these celestial angelic beings.

Creating this book series, if that’s what you wanna call it, is turning out to be quite a learning experience for me. If you haven’t noticed, all of my books so far have really been topics I want to learn about for myself, and styled in a way to share with you fine folks.

I’ll let you do the math with Angelometry V2 for yourself, but here is something I’ve discovered through the comparative analysis within. Almost all of the Angels can be compared to God’s, Goddesses, or other deities. Could this be because they are really the same archetypes, or possibly the same beings in other words? I never like to tell anyone what to think, but I’ll just mention that to give you something to think about as you study the book for yourself.

Creating books is a lot of work, and a timely process. I love to do the work, and make information free. Call it a hobby, or perhaps I feel it’s a spiritual duty. Regardless, I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labor.


Angelomety V2 Instructions

You’re welcome to read the book right here on the website, or download it for whatever purpose you’d like. It’s copyright free, and created to go directly to the public domain. Just click on the book below and the book reader plugin will magically pop it right up. Reading on the site is pretty self explanatory from there. If you’d like to download it, simply click on the 3 dots on the bottom right corner of the book reader, and click download. Ta-da! You now have a new book to add to your virtual library. I hope you enjoy it!!!

Angelometry v.2 “H – P” – By Phil Williams


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