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Veiled Mystic Unveiled & Alive

Opening Blog Post


The Veiled Mystic Journey

Greetings one and all, and thank you for checking out the first blog post on Veiled Mystic. In this opening blog I plan to tell you a little bit about myself, my journey, and how this brand came to be.

My name is Phil Williams, or you can call me Rocko. For over a decade I’ve been on an amazing adventure of learning, growing, and being at service to others. I am a man of many hats, and I’ve learned to wear those to hone my overall craft of being at service to the all.

I try to be careful about how I use the word “Believe.” For instance, I believe the word Believe is very powerful word magic. Some things I put more stock into than others for instance. Really all of my beliefs are subject to change at any given time, because what the bleep do I know really? So you may notice I use the words theory or theorize a lot.

I also always feel weird to say, when I was “Awakened.” Something changed me around 13 years ago after I prayed to God for the wisdom of Soloman. Though I have grown in amazing ways, I don’t like to say I’m awake. I prefer to say I’m ever growing, because if I was awake, I probably would have ascended to only the creator knows where next right? I have theories on what woke me up, or why, but it is all theoretical really.

So, when I was poked out of my slumbering state of being, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do, but knew it was time for action. So let me tell you what led to here from there…


Forward Motion

I used to be a very chaotic individual that loved to shake things up. I never followed well, didn’t last long in school, and was always getting in trouble for something. Life was a party, and I didn’t think I’d stop until I was toe up in the ground.

Until the beginning of my awakening process I was quite new to computers. I used to think that they were for geeks, and would say, I’d rather spend my days living in the moment. I was a semi-serious Christian, but wasn’t great with self discipline.

When I finally picked up computers I got hit with the movie Zeitgeist right away. This led to braking out of the Christian box, and taking a deep dive down the rabbit hole. I found a whole new shocking world and was smashing one illusion after another.

After about 2 or 3 months of un-brain-washing myself is when I prayed for wisdom. Not long after, I just woke up different one morning. It was like the brain fog had cleared. I could feel this amazing energy running through me, and felt so much love for Creation. It’s like I had a voice in my head telling me I was being called to do something great. What it was I had no idea, but my guess was that I needed to use this new power of technology to help bring positive change to the world.

Many talk about being awake these days. I feel like it’s becoming a modern trend. Though I’m pleased that this is the new cool thing to talk about, I don’t think many have really experienced quite what I went through. Call it the Holy Spirit, a Chi-zap, or whatever you will. You know it when it hits you!

Veiled Mystic Poster 2

Batter Up

So, as I stepped up to the plate, it became abundantly clear that my lack of computer knowledge was going to make things difficult. I was still typing in all caps, and my greatest technical skill at the time was creating an unprofessional email.

I had to work with what I had, which was an antique Dell Optiplex tower and Facebook. So I created a new Facebook profile named “ComeTogether ThePeoplesPage.” I sent out a few hundred friend requests to the most high profile Truther and Occultist types I could find.

Well slap my sideways and call me Susan! I’ll be dipped if it didn’t work. That profile filled to the max of 5k friends nearly instantly. It was like divine intervention how it happened. I was Jabber-jawing away, and people we’re really listening to me. I felt like a great revolutionary leader helping mold the minds of the amazing!

I’m gonna skip through a lot of details, so not to antagonize ancient enemies. Lets just say I went to war with some dark witches, protected some special children, and paid a hefty price for over a decade. Price paid, and I’m so much stronger from it.

That profile got killed when the Witches digitally jumped me, and it was time to take an education and training break. It didn’t take long before I was using my word magic and Technomancy skills to create GameTraders USA. That led to learning how to build websites, helping others make money, a lot of cool friends, and I gave the big gaming corporation a hard time. It was a fun learning experience.

I got addicted to learning and WordPress. I created many other websites and projects. I never stop learn, training, and creating. I battled much darkness along the way, and found very much light. Good times, bad times, you know I had my share.


So Here We Are

After about a decade of battling the demon inside my wife, that was a present from the Witches, she finally left me. It took several years to shake the trauma off. I took a long break, and didn’t know if I’d ever come back to creating.

Buggers to that noise! I love WordPress, sharing knowledge, and giving away free knowledge. It not only feels like the duty I was God Poked for, but its become a passion.

I never stopped learning or training. When my broke self got up a little money, I invested in a 4 year hosting plan on Black Friday, an old laptop, and designed this Veiled Mystic.

At first this project was just to catch up on technology. If you don’t keep up, you get left behind. I tried to make a bunch of content with AI, and learned the great God Googletron doesn’t like that. Oh well! I don’t care about making money. I only appease them with SEO to try to reach those looking for the type of info I share. It’s all just about corporate branding with ads now anyway, and only giant corporations with huge budgets can grow now anyway.

So, I will figure out how to pay to share knowledge, and invest great amounts of my time to do it. I love humanity and the creator so much, it’s a blessing to struggle against this Machine.

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Please Excuse The Site

I had thousands of articles lined up to share. I deleted them all, and decided to go for more of a free esoteric book and video site. I’ll probably just share other types of content I feel like creating through the Blog category. It’s all subject to change, but what’s important is I’m back to doing what I love.

Others usually join my projects along the way, but for now it’s just the Website and myself. If you here me say we, I’m relating to the Brand and I. I see it like it’s own entity. Virtual Real Estate has a birth date, changes styles, and grows up. They are very much living entities that should be loved and respected. I know I love and appreciate this baby here so much, and I hope you grow to also.

So that’s a quick summary of the history that led to here and now. If you’d like to connect, don’t be shy. I love to make friends, or have people do guest posts. If you’ve got free esoteric books that fit the sites style, all you gotta do is ask to add them to the Library. Same with videos that match our style.

Much love & light to all, and thanks for reading the story. Lets keep writing it shall we!!!


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