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Over 200 Healing Wand Spells

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Healing Wand Spell Book

Healing Wand Spells From Across Time & The World


The Healing Wand Spell Book is my newest contribution to the magic and esoteric world. It contains over 200 Healing Wand based spells for both experienced & aspiring magicians.

Like my last book Rocko’s Rune Guide, this is a book I created for my own journey, but styled to share with the world. I so love this beautiful spinning rock full of magic & splendor, I can’t do enough to contribute to it’s betterment.

The spells in this book range from ancient to new age, and span many cultures from around the world. It is not a toy by any means, and should be handled with the utmost respect.

As I state in the beginning of the book, new practitioners should proceed with caution. Many of the spells involved pertain to invoking Gods, Goddesses, or other entities. Please do your diligent research on the cultures and beings for each spell you choose to work with. When using magic you should always practice with respect & love.


The Road To The Healing Wand Spell Book

I am an avid wisdom seeker, and consider myself a servant of the Garden. A blooming White Wizard so to say. For many years I have grown my knowledge and skills to give back to the Creator, and help wherever I see I am needed.

My focuses has shifted from Spiritual studies to Magical Arts & Psychic Development. One of my major goals is to master the art of Mental & Physical Healing, both for myself & others.

I’ve long been a fan of Gemstones, The Tarot, Astrology, & now runes. I believe these magical tools are a gift from the creator to aid in both our personal development & to help others.

My friend Sam & I have been swapping our adventure stories since we met, & the wisdom he’s shared has been vital in progressing my growth. I can’t thank him enough for our friendship. He’s an extraordinary man I respect very much.

My sister is a huge Harry Potter fan. Even though I have an endless library of digital books to consume, my intuition told me to stop at Goodwill to see what physical books they had while I was going near there. I came across the Harry Potter Spell Book, which starts with a section on different types of woods for magic wands. I got it for my sister, but had to look that section over before I gifted it to her.

Since I was already planning on creating my own magic wand, it felt like time to do some research. Mostly everything I could find in Google Search was Harry Potter fiction. I found a few things on crafting wands, but little on wand based spells. Google went as far as to call magic fiction, which kind of felt like they were intentionally burying this amazing art, which I know is very very real.

So I decided to take the lessons I learned from creating my Rune book & apply them to creating the Healing Wand Spell Book. After very much tiring tedious computer work, here we are folks! I hope you find it fruitful…


Read or Download It Free Here

Below you will find a very handy book reader plugin I found for my site. If you’d like to download the PDF, simply click on the 3 dots in the bottom right-hand corner of the book reader, than hit download. It’ll work for computers or Cellphones. You will need a book-reader app if you don’t already have one. They’re free and plentiful on all devices. Enjoy!

If you’d like to have a physical copy created I suggest the website Lulu.com . I was shocked to only be charged $10.26 to have the Rune Guide printed and shipped. It’s probably cheaper with this route than buying a similar book through Flamazon.


Heal Wand Spell Book


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