Rocko’s Rune Guide – Free PDF

A Simplistic Guide To Runes


Rocko’s Rune Guide – Free PDF

A Simplistic Rune Guide To The Magical Art Of Rune Magic


While scouring book after book to attempt to master the art of Rune Magic I wished I had a free resource to simplify everything. If you know me, I saw this as an attempt to get creative.

So, I decided to make my own simplistic guide to Binding and Divination that cuts strait to the chase. I created it for myself, but styled it to share with the world free in case I liked the results. It turns out, I love the results!!!

Much like how my book cuts strait to the chase, so does this article…

Download it here, and feel free to share it however you’d like. I’m a big fan of the public domain, and if you think you can sell it, may Fehu be with you.

Praise & Glory to Wōden!

Click on the 3 dots to download completely free.

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